Core Internal Audit

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Human Resources
Own roll
Contract labour, Men power
Inventory / warehouse operations
Warehouse operations
Procurement and vendor
Vendor management
Production operations
Production planning
Production execution
Quality check operations
Quality check operations
Services Sales and customer
Services Sales operations
Accounts, AS, budgets
Accounting Standards, Ind AS
Budgetary control
Cost management
Safety measures, insurance
Safety measures
Insurance, claims tracking
Direct and indirect taxes
Income tax law
Service tax Law
Value added tax
Excise Law
Other IDT laws
Fixed asset / capex
Fixed asset
Security gate operations
Security gate operations
Commercial and other laws
Product Sales and customer
Product Sales operations
Customer management
ERP, portals, e-system
Portals, customised software
Management information system
Strategic management committee
Monthly committee meetings
Job work
In-house production
Outside job work
Third party operations
Supply chain / Distribution
Supply chain
Branch operations
CFA operations
Advertisement and sales promotion
TV media advertisement
Other media advertisement
Sales promotion activities
Corporate laws
Finance and treasury
Finance Management
Treasury management
In addition to monitoring for various compliance of laws and book keeping,management of entity expects establishment of enhanced internal controls,systematic monitoring of plan v/s. performance of organization’s activities,measures to improve the efficiency of existing flow of FINANCIAL information, monitoring for implementation of these measures, to bring value to the organization, risk based approach and global practice without diluting existing & traditional fundamentals.

This website provides information on various objects of management and guidance to implementing internal auditors. By using information posted on this site, management and internal auditors can get object-wise understanding, details, implications, recommendations, format for traditional and global practice of internal audit.

Our multi-disciplinary team constantly engaged to develop best business practices,knowledge database and the ability to leverage on the professional expertise by technical experience and financial acumen.

Information on this website will provide an opportunity to learn more about some of the major issues that are shaping the world today to provide reasonable assurance that financial information is reliable, there is compliance with applicable laws and regulations and the organization’s operations are effectively controlled.

Wish you “internal controls effectively redefined”.


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